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AVerMedia to Showcase TEGRA and 4K/HEVC in Audio / Video Capture & Stream Solutions at Computex 2016

2016-05-25  Taipei, Taiwan

Looking to optimize your life with audio and video? AVerMedia Technologies, a leader in digital multimedia technology, will be showcasing the latest in their personal and business line of solutions at this year’s COMPUTEX exhibition.

Embedded TEGRA Solutions
AVerMedia now offers Mini-PCIe HDMI/VGA/HD-SDI frame grabbers on NVIDIA Tegra K1 platform, Tegra K1 COM Express Compact Type-6 module, and Type-6 carrier board with two Mini-PCIe, as well as software design service of Linux BSP, driver, OpenCV integration, SDK for audio and video codec, post-processing, and streaming, and computer vision and CUDA program optimization. AVerMedia Embedded TEGRA Solutions are designed for the applications of robotics, UAV (i.e. drone), medical image, UGV, AOI, and other video-enabled equipment for automation, AI, and deep learning.

Professional 4K Encoding, and Streaming Solutions
At Computex, AVerMedia puts the spotlight on the AVerCaster HEVC RS9260 – able to broadcast live TV and 4K video to a broad audience over a network. It uses a 2U rack-mounted server employing redundant dual power supplies and Ethernet interfaces for stability. The RS9260 supports up to 4K HDMI 2.0 input and boasts a wide range of encoding, bit rate, and resolution options.

Powerful Video Capture Cards – Record 4K UHD Video at High Frame Rates
Striving to keep up with nascent UHD displays and technology, AVerMedia offers a variety of PCIe, Mini PCIe, and USB video capture devices for recording on-screen content at any resolution. Their recently-released flagship cards can capture up to 4K video at 60FPS with under 50ms latency and formidable throughput of up to 18 Gbps via HDMI 2.0.

Revolutionary - Console Streaming, Speaker and Gaming Microphone
In the personal solutions, AVerMedia will showcase its latest USB 3.0 streaming box, Live Gamer EXTREME, accompanied by an upcoming release of its bundled software, RECentral 3. RECentral 3 will enable streamers to further enrich their channels by overlaying elements such as webpage, video, or scrolling text onto the game screen. What’s more, streamers will have finer control to their facecam, and can even remove backgrounds without a green screen! AVerMedia will also be showcasing Ballista Trinity—the thunderous 2.1 gaming speaker system, and Aegis—the revolutionary gaming microphone which filters out speaker sounds, delivering a truly immersive gaming experience for PC gamers.

Live Broadcasting Tools for Personal and Lectures Events
Live Caster (BC310) is an ideal capture device for personal streaming. With its portable design, BC310 is aimed at the outdoor sports and leisure activities. It can be easily attached to your DV/GoPro and share what you see with the world. Unlike the familiar gaming market, education is AVerMedia’s latest product line, with the goal of becoming the bridge between teaching and learning. Based on the core audio technology of anti-howling, the brand-new 2.4 GHz wireless microphone enables teachers to teach in a free and relaxed way and protect their voice from strains. Moreover, the ideal tool for flipped classroom—ExtremeCap 910 (CV910) and the campus streaming encoder—AVerCaster HD Duet Plus (F239+).

With such a rich line-up of products this year, AVerMedia is thrilled to invite all its valued customers and guests to Computex 2016. Come experience for yourself the most exciting technologies in audio and visual at Booth No.I0403a of TWTC Nangang Exhibition Hall.


About AVerMedia Technologies
AVerMedia is the leader in Digital Video and Audio Convergence Technology. Aside from the full line of TV Tuners and gaming recorder products, AVerMedia provides frame grabbers, streaming encoders and video systems for consumer and corporate markets. As a leader in innovative manufacturing and environmentally friendly products, AVerMedia is also highly involved in community and social responsibilities. AVerMedia also partners with ODMs for the development of AVerMedia’s technologies for integrated applications.

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AVerMedia to Showcase TEGRA and 4K/HEVC in Audio / Video Capture & Stream Solutions at Computex 2016


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